Top 10: Demika


01. tINI – Smooth’s Raisin Theory (Re-Up remix)-[Dissonant]-2012-02-06

02. Ferro – Shit, still dreaming-[Moral Fiber]-2012-03-29

03.Wade – What’s up-[Inmotion Music]-2013-08-26

04.Agnes – Treat me bad (Cabanne remix)-[Minibar Music]-2005-11-01

05.Jako – Little Helper 77-4-[Little Helpers]-2013-05-21

06. Jam’On – Retrow-[Deep Tech Records]-2013-06-25

07. Hansel! – Horizontal madness-[Moral Fiber]-2012-12-19

08. Alejandro Vivanco – Verustenas-[Melisma]-2012-08-12

09. Patrick Weblin – Bacteria-[Mood 24 Records]-2013-08-12

10. Voigtmann – 5000 Shades of Grey-[Do Easy Records]-2013-05-20

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