Antithesis EP by Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner on Genial Records


Haven’t written a review here for a while.. Its good to be back!

Todays review is on the second release of Genial Records by London-based Rhythmatic resident Archie Hamilton collaborating with Berlin-based Patrice Mainer. The EP is called ‘Antithesis’ with two original tracks and two remixes by Igor Vicente and Dubsons.

It’s nice to be writing about a London resident that a lot of people are familiar with and support.

‘Antithesis’ the original has a soft sounding tech house beat as opposed to the usual sharp sound. Dubby and minimal this track is not filled with too many elements – it flows nicely and serves well as an introductory track to the EP.

The remix of Antithesis by Igor Vicente from the start takes the quite minimal original on a tech house trail that can definitely be fit for a club. I think the remix adds the right elements to the original bringing a good balance between groove and this minimalistic strain of tech house.

Next is the original mix of Comatose Commodity. This one to me is a classic take on  minimal tech house with a nice little melody that comes in but no long build ups or heavy drop. Its just perfect for early in the night to maintain the crowd’s attention and prepare them for what comes next. No doubt we will hear Archie play this at the next Rhythmatic party on the 19th of October!

Last but certainly not least we have the Dubsons remix of Comatose Comoddity. I instantly thought Villalobos when I heard this one. Dark, minimal but with that upbeat tech house feel – you can definitely see the influence from Perlon or even Villalobos himself.

Review by Michael Feghali

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