Interview with Mattia D’Amato, Second Step Records


Hi Mattia! How are you ? Are you excited to play in London this weekend? Is it your first gig here?

I’m fine thank you,this is my first gig in London and i’m looking forward to play and to get to  know the whole group of Second Step Records!

How did you get involved with Seconds Step Records?

It all started when Matt,  the label owner, listened to  my demo on soundcloud and offered to include it into the first VA of the label. Of course I accepted!

Could you tell us a bit more about your track released on Second Step, what have been theinfluences behind its creation?

A lot of passion for all music and everything comes naturally to me, I always try to do my best.

Which artists have been you biggest influences musically?

I was born in Livorno (Tuscany), I can only say Ilario Alicante, from the beginning Iwas fascinated by the person who is behind and out of the console but also artists such as Loco Dice,Ricardo Villalobos,Raresh,Richie Hawtin,tINI,Enzo Siragusa, definitely they had an impact on my background.

What is underground electronic music scene in Italy like these days?

Well,good question,  I think that in Italy there are so many great clubs, people are good, but not all clubs

have the kind of customers who are really willing to listen to good music ,open their minds and let

themselves go.

How would you describe your sound to someone who never heard you before?

My sound is very dub with spacy pads,sounds dark,raw and gloomy.I hope we will have fun!

You are a DJ and a producer – what is your preferred domain and how do you think they influence each other? What is your favourite part of each process?

They are two totally different things, with different types of satisfaction, I always followmy mood and my taste in the tracklist for DJ sets and in my productions,it is difficult to prefer one thing overthe other. In DJ sets, you  have more contact with the dancefloor,  you can create a bond with people, have fun and do what you want ,but nothing pays off your sacrifices like hearing a good DJ playing your own track in a big event with lots of people screaming and goes crazy!

What is your favourite track at the moment if you can choose just one?

Definitely Nobodi-Bullet Belt (Disordine Label) really good track!

What are your future plans for the rest of the year?

My plans is to go on producing and playing music , at the moment I’m working onnew releases,others are already finished and will be out soon such as  the remix for Teets on Consumed Music andother EPs  but above all I will  continue with  my new project called “Strange Control” with my friend Giulio Marchini!

Finally, what to expect from your London gig this Saturday for Second step and the showcase on Friday?

 I hope to enjoy all this weekend with hyou and come home safe and sound! Very big thank’s to Maria,

HDNSM  team  and Matt Wheeler!

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