HDNSM # 55: Carlos Ryan


Carlos Ryan have been in London’s underground circuit since the mid 90’s. These two artists emerging from south London show a great combination & passion for the Electronic Dance Scene.

They  met at the same gigs they had been booked separately. When meeting they became great friends and shared the same love & passion and later decided to join forces with there combined skills to portray its all about the music.

Somewhere between House and Techno there limitless energetic performances and connection with the dance floor from being true ravers themselves, keeps you tranquilized with there raw striped back big bass sound.

As their sound evolves with time they have combined there  Dj’ing techniques with productions. There first E.P was Matters Too Deep released in 2012 on Munis – Digital.  2013 has been a great start to the year for the duo where they have release’s on My first love records and are working with other European and London labels.

When not working hard in the studio they showcase there sound across the globe from London to Europe, with Ibiza Malta & Holland set in there path’s 2013 is set to be a promising year.






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