Top 10: Bruno


01. Barac – Drone-[Naural]-2013-05-08

02. Vera-Take me-[Assemble Music]-2013-04-30
03. Maus and Stolle-Adore
04. Point G-Underwater-[Apollonia]
05. Roustam – Rustospace (Noidoi Remix)-[Nilla]-2012-03-20
06. Sensorama-Harz
07. St.Joseph-Personal Dancefloor-[Assemble Music]-2012-11
08. Voigtmann-5000 Shades Of Grey-[Do Easy Records]-2013-03-28
09. Valentino Kanzyani-Automatique-[Cadenza]-2013-22-04
10. G.verrina & G.ventura-Suckerfish ( Cristi Cons rmx )-[All Inn Records]-2012-08-30

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