HDNSM # 50: Sepp


Sepp aka Teo, born and raised on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, had his first contact with the electronic music in 2005, when he listened for the first time to various artists from the Cocoon rooster. From that moment he became passionate about techno sounds.
Since 2007 he was topping the bill at the biggest events in the city ’till 2008, when he became the resident of the LaMania club. After 3 years of residence, he decided it was time for production.
His tracks are regularly played by likes of Rhadoo ,Cezar , Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, P
aul Agripa, Cristi Cons, Priku, Mihigh, Matei Tulbure (Tc Studio) , Nu Zau, and many others
After several releases on Te Iubesc, Rora & Andromeda. now his attention is turned toward some unfinished projects wich will be released through this year.

sepp// primul pentru apropiati – Lok Records
sepp// celalat taram LP – Lok Records
Various Artists // RGP EP – Te Iubesc Records
Various Artists//VON 5 BIS 12 UHR LP (VINYL ONLY 2X12INCH) EP// – RORA
sepp// Biatac, Lamartine EP – Andromeda
upcoming …

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