Forever Young [Addicted Music] by Alex Magno and Antonio Del Prete


First time  I met Alex Magno, and his partner Antonio Del Prete, I was really impressed by their genuine passion and will to succeed. Alex kept saying to me that he always wanted to make a vinyl label, something physical that he could be proud of and pass on for generations to come . This is how “Addicted Music”  ( in Japanese Calligraphy”) cam about.

Addicted music just released their first vinyl release by Alex Magno and Antornio Del Prete, a great duo who have also collaborated Matthew Burton ( I am personally a huge fan!)  and Tolga Fidan.

What can I say, the two original tracks are just made for the dance floor, groovy beat,melodic piano and synth sounds, hooking vocals, these guys know how things work (may be too much sometimes…). However, the remixes are an even better fit to my personal taste, if I am honest. If there is someone who always gets away with a bit  of a cheeky and twisty beat,  it is  Matthew Burton . Tolga Fidan made original track slightly dreamy and playful. So, indeed this releasehas proper options to play around which I define as very good, isn’t it?

The thing is, anyway, they know how things work, with strong rmxer and with strong track, there is no reason they are not going to make something special happen. So good luck to you guys, I believe passion and hard workalways pay back.

Review by Red Pig Flower

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