Bar a Bar presents OdD Feat. Phrasis Veteris **UK Debut** at Bar A Bar

Date / Sunday, 12 May 2013
Time / 17:00 – 23:59
Venue / Bar A Bar/ 133-135 Stoke Newington Road; Stoke Newington; London N16 8BT; United Kingdom
Cost / Limited Free Guest List
Line-up /

Phrasis Veteris
Ashleigh De-Niro

Promoter /



For our next party we have gone the extra mile, 1465 to be precise. Welcoming our guest all the way from Romania with multiple releases on great record labels such as All Inn Black, Crazy Jack and Brouqade.

Phrasis Veteris
Ginel and Adrian, both from Bacau, met in 2006 and 4 years later they started a collaboration and so was born the new project Phrasis Veteris.
They find inspiration in everything around them like nature, human behavior or in genres like house, minimal, breakbeat or jazz, even in classical music. Their electronic influences were outlined by Rick Wade, Pete Moss, Jay Tripwire, Raresh, Rhadoo and many more.
Music is their passion and they are entirely dedicated to it.

Supporting our headliners will be a local talent recently signed to Project London Records

Ashleigh De-Niro
The future holds many hopes for Ashleigh De-Niro. Hailing from East London, Ashleigh has been a avid music listener and vinyl collector drawing influences from Jazz, Funk, R’n’B, Dub Reggae & Hip Hop. Within his teenage years, dance music played an intricate part for where he is today. The sounds of House & UK Garage in the late 90’s and early 2000’s put together the pieces for where Ashleigh’s sound lies now. In a very short amount of time within 2011, Ashleigh has emerged behind the decks at some of London’s most respectable nightspots including Egg, Public Life, Warehouse & Vibe Bar playing his unique interpretation of Deep Techno House. A typical Ashleigh De-Niro set would include energetic raw edged deep driven spontaneous grooves with sonic tech layers.

Both Damian and Danny have been Born into music as there fathers where Reggae musicians and this has been their main inspiration plus the fact that they both share a passion for raw drums and nasty undertones makes their personalities perfect for this musical duo.
As one of them has been playing drums and producing music for over 10 years the other has been a Dj and an avid music collector equally, combining there skills and knowledge gives OdD that distinctive sound and style like no others. These guys are ones to watch out for this year. Catch their live stream “OdDsession” live on playing various styles of House music amongst their own productions.

Although we aim to keep the event with a diverse crowed, we want to keep it exclusive and full of like minded people
Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

E-mail names to
or pay on the door.

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