Baisers Volés EP by Timid Boy


Hey! Red Pig Flower is back;) Apologies for this break I took from reviewing due to my current Asian tour! It has been slightly difficult to sit down at the desk and write a review when I had to move almost every day! However, this release is a special one as it is from a friend and a great artist Timid Boy and I was looking forward to this one for some time now!

The  EP, released on Timid Boy’s own Time Has Changed label, contains 3 tracks, 2 original tracks and a remix from Barem

a music video of “Baisers Voles”. Track title in French means “stolen kisses” , hence the track features very interesting samples which reminded me of  “kissing” sounds. You can imagine that the plot of the music video takes on a similar tone, so you’d better check this out;)))

However, I should say, the track I wanted to talk about  and compliment is definitely “Osiris (Original mix)”. Even though the majority of the album recalls a bright happy vibe this track comes with a very calm and dark melody and a mysterious female vocal, the combination already building up a nice mood. However, for me the most impressive thing is the unusual bass line which seamlessy transfers the groove into a much darker stronger vibe, very interesting sound. Well,  when you play this track you will see what I mean!

P.S.1 week ago, at the Solfa club in Tokyo, I heard my friend Bee Lincoln playing this track and was even happier to find out that he chose it after I posted it on his wall;) Yes, it works!!! Clapping hands, once again, for good work from Timid Boy.

Review by Red Pig Flower

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