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Hi Sergej! Nice to speak to you again!

Can’t help myself but ask about the meaning of your artist name? Any reference to your Ukrainian roots, maybe, or is it something else?

Hi! It’s my family name “Kaschawar” and I just took the “c” out, and yes it’s a Ukranian/Russian name.

You were born in Ukraine, grew up in Germany and toured to a few places now…do you have a favourite?

I really love Germany, because I grew up here, but I also enjoy to see other places when I’m going abroad for a gig. One of my favorites are the eastern countries like Russia and Ukraine, I had my best gigs at “Feeleed” in Odessa and “Understandme” in Moscow. The people there are friendly, warm and open-minded. It’s  an advantage that I speak Russian too. But besides the gigs there, I love to play in German cities like Berlin or Frankfurt, because the crowd is very educated with underground music, and appreciates the stuff I play.

You got into music from a fairly young age –what have been your biggest influences and what lead you to pursue your career in electronic music?

My roots are in HipHop and Indie-Rock. My older brother was into electronic music, he took me to clubs and rave parties, he was also djing at local events and made his first steps in producing own music. I started producing first, because it was interesting for me to make my own beats, it was nothing serious, just like a computer game, playing around with software like Fruity Loops and Ejay Studio. My interest in electronic music became bigger and I started to learn djing and buying records. So my brother was the biggest influence and has taught me a lot. Further artists like Carl Craig, UR, Steve O Sullivan, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip or Bruno Pronsato were a big inspiration and helped me to find my style in electronic music.

 Really enjoyed the podcast for HDNSM – great showcase for your versatile style and music taste. How would you describe your sound to someone who never heard it before?

It’s always hard to describe the own style, in general it’s a mix of House and Techno. I don’t like to play and produce just in one direction, it’s getting boring for me as well as for the people. Electronic music has so many facets and directions, I like to use all of them, deephouse, minimal, dubtechno, classic house, acid, it just depends on my mood, the crowd, playtime or venue.

Body Parts Records is one of the labels we have been watching closely and really liked your Trouble EP release! What have been your inspirations and influences for this EP, if any?

The Romanian sound of Arpiar was a big influence on this EP. But it was very important to me, not just to adopt their sound, I still want to do my own thing, so I mixed the influences of the Romanian sound with my own style, like dubtechno and acid elements. Cristi Cons was the perfect artist for a remix on that EP, I really love his music and very happy with his remix.

Soul.On is a new label and you will release their first EP with Nu Zau. Could you lift the lid on this project and this exciting new label that is actually based in my hometown, Moscow;)

Alex aka Kaiserbit has booked me for his “understandme” party in Moscow last year, it was an amazing weekend and we had a lot of fun. Alex told me about his idea to start a label and asked me to send him a few demo tracks, he felt in love with them and decided to release it. The same with Nu Zau, he was also playing at “understandme” and they put us together for the first Soul.on record.

Great collaborations with Cristi Cons and Nu Zau by the way…would you collaborate again with them or perhaps any other artists in the near future?

Of course I would, they are great musicians! I love to work with other artists, because you can learn from each other and discover new ways in producing. I have a few more collaborations with my friends Yate from Odessa, they are one of my favorite producers at the moment, you have to check them out, mindblowing stuff!

Another project with Ztrl, a very talanted young artist from Hungary, we are close to finish our first 3 tracks and looking now for the right label to release that EP. There is also a collaboration with Pheek (Archipel), he remixed my EP on Project London and we are also going to work on a new project to finish a whole Ep.

You are also releasing on Project London Records in June. The label is yet another favourite of ours, actually, big support! Very different sound from your Body Parts release, very versatile indeed! Could you tell us a bit more about this project and how you got involved with it?

Like I said before, I don’t like to repeat myself, I like different styles of music and my releases should also sound fresh and different but still have my own line in it. Scott from Project London contacted me last year, he found me on soundcloud and asked to work with me for his new Label. I’m happy to be a part of the PLR-family and can’t wait to be in London soon and finally meet them.

In September, your first artist album is due on Memoria Records who are also our friends and partners, so very excited for this one! Any hints of what to expect in terms of sound? You are always balancing between techno and house – would the album continue on this experimental note? Would it be vinyl only?

 First I had just an EP for Memoria, a few months ago Fares relistened all the tracks I’ve sent to him and decided to release a whole album. I was happy and afraid at the same time about this opportunity. An album is something really big and important, it’s not just like releasing some tracks, it must be timeless and special. In the past 8 years I’ve produced a lot of tracks and had enough material to create the album. It will be something different again, not like the releases on Bodyparts or Project London. The album will not just be for the dancefloor, there will be experimental tracks, some detroit and chicago influenced house tracks and melodic stuff. I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment ;-). It will be vinyl only and of course with a special full cover artwork… more soon…

Talking about vinyl  vs digital once again, – would you release on both or you have a preferred medium? I can see you are definitely leaning towards vinyl but maybe I am wrong?

Vinyl is forever – like the Wu-tang Clan is for ever too – haha. I don’t like the digital movement, there is too much output, it’s easy to start a digital label and release stuff every day. There is no quality selection and too much output. I still buy vinyl only and love to buy it, buying records makes me happy, that special feeling to dig for second hand stuff at record stores or finding something rare on discogs, you can’t get that feeling when downloading a file on beatport. I also play CD, the unreleased stuff I get or my own unreleased tracks, but there is the same problem, too many mp3’s and I always forget about tracks, because I don’t have that special relationship with a file on a CD, but I never forget about a record, once you play a record, you always remember that moment when you hold the record in your hands many years later – you see the cover and you just feel it.

Finally, future plans for the summer and the rest of 2013???

I don’t know, I’m very excited about my upcoming releases and can’t say which path I will take as of right now. And of course I’m happy about the attention I get at the moment, the podcast and booking request and all the kind words of people, who like and buy my music. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!

Well, let’s see what will happen this summer :-)

Thank you so much for this chat and for the podcast! Looking forward to more great music coming soon from Kashawar!

Thank you too for interviewing me and for the opportunity to introduce my music and the podcast!

Interview by Maria

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