Night Gallery EP by Plan B Records


Meeting Dj Spider was totally random: I was staying in Berlin, at a friend’s house, and there I saw this American guy, covered in tattoos but with a warm smile!  Only later I found out that it was the owner of one of the labels I really admire- Plan B.


A vinyl label owner, he was really into his analogue, obsessed not just with vinyl but cassette tapes, taking analogue art to a  different level! Featuring  political messages by way of samples from news and radio on his tracks,he does not forget about the art work either: if you have seen the cover of “Hell on earth” you could understand that his messages are  more about politics, and humanity and he chooses to express those ideas via his music and art and not Facebook or Twitter like many of us do! And I must admit I loved Godzilla series as a true Japanese growing up on Godzilla TV animation series.


Hence, after talking to him I could not wait for his new release and his latest vinyl only release did not let down: my favourite track for this release is definitely “Oracle Octaves” as I found great combination with cranky beats and fluffy creepy melody, if you like crunky, rough techno sound, you have to check this out.


To be honest, I have almost all of his tracks and I can definitely tell the difference in comparison to polished digital only productions – the analogue sound is unique. So if you are vinyl player, or if you like the excitement which comes from mixing totally different textured sounds, plan B’s new release is a great choice to expand your set. :)


Review by Red Pig Flower

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