HDNSM # 43: Anthony Campbell


Anthony started listening to electronic music throughout his teens during the late 1990’s, always enjoyed it but it didn’t become a passion until later down the line.

His official love of underground House/Electronic music started in July 2003. He finished University in Dundee Scotland and moved down to London to stay with older brother Frazer and find work. For years Frazer had been telling Anthony about a club in London called The Cross, it was according to Frazer “The best club in the world”.  Frazer wasn’t wrong … Anthony had a truly amazing time at The Cross that first night and this cemented his growing passion for the scene.

In 2004 Anthony started promoting events where Frazer was DJ’ing .The events across London were under the ‘Rotate’ name. The nights were held at some of London’s best clubs at the time (The Cross , Turnmills , The Egg etc ).  This went on until around 2008 and at this time Anthony was still very much involved on the promotion side and as a consumer of the scene rather than a DJ. After this Anthony and Frazer decided to have a break from promoting.

In 2008 Anthony purchased his own 1210’s, Xone mixer and CDJ’s after years of watching /enjoying the music but not actually trying his hand at mixing himself. Having partied through the height of the funky and progressive house times in the noughties Anthony was still trying to find the sound that really made him tick. He started to experiment with the more underground /deeper side of House and Techno and discovered that darker music defined his style.  Visits to Berlin (Berghain in particular) and more frequent visits to Fabric underlined this.

In 2012 Anthony and Frazer had a vision to get back into the scene but with a far more underground and mature concept. This paired with Anthony’s hunger and drive to get more involved in DJing, resulted in the creation of a new event called ‘Open’ .

Open is launched in February 2013 and is a collective vision of Anthony’s and Frazer’s. Great underground music, sound system, venue and above all great people.

Anthony has a serious connection with Techno mixed in with quality underground House. Any music he plays must have a gritty underground quality and melodic feel. Anthony is currently learning production techniques so look out for some tracks before the end of 2013, watch this space…..


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