Top 10: Bobby Gasparakis

01. Medu – Fango -[Tip Tap Records]-2012-05-30
02. Chad Andrew-Awake-[Dissonant]-2013-01-07
03. Manta-Beg -[Odd Concept]
04. Egal 3- Petruce (Dub mix)-[Kina Music]-2013-02-08
05. Maksy & Lee Daines-Its Everywhere – [Woo.Ble Recordings]-2013-04-01
06. Marc Antona- Highly Convinced- [Dissonant]-2013-02-18
07. Itself-Theft-[Odd Concept]
08. Tiefschwarz-No Message (Re-up remix)-[Souvenir Music]-2013-01-21
09. Bobby Gasparakis-Impule Control-[Mahaba Records]-2012-11-07
10. Dub Poet – Itself-[So Sound Recordings]-2013-03-39

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