HDNSM # 42: Ricky Ward


Ricky Ward is a London based DJ with an ear for quality. He has a great passion for electronic music and has been devoted to collecting beats from an early age.
He has ventured across various styles of music in his years playing music on London’s Underground Circuit, which is manifested through his sound which can only be described as a melange of stripped back , deep & percussive beats with an edge.
Currently a Resident for “SHIFTY” , a monthly party Showcasing the best underground talent at Cargo, Shoreditch, Ricky has also played in Venues such as EGG, Cafe 1001, Public Life, 93 Feet east(RIP) to name a few, and has shared the booth with many talented DJ’s/ Producers.

This year has seen him turn to the studio himself so we will be hearing more from him very soon.

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