MEM014 – Message from Abroad EP by Ernesto Ferreyra


2 years old in May, the Cadenza influenced Dutch label Memoria Recordings is already at its 14th release that was out on February 25th 2013 – production by the Argentinian Cadenza man Ernesto Ferreyra.

As his diary as well as his music proves, Ernesto is inspired by travel, but then again who is not?

Travelling not only broadens our mind but also gives us insight into different cultures and creative tendencies. It enriches the mind and theres no arguing with that!

So this EP by Ernesto is called ‘Message From Abroad’. And let me just say, that I have sort a gut feeling that he was very calm and maybe even in a warm place when he was working on this one.

The track names seem to be a description of the general mood of the music.

The first track ‘Chilling’ is quite mellow but I’d say could fit as an intro to a mix quite comfortably. It is to a certain extent deep too and as I mentioned, has an almost beach feeling to it.

As soon as I first heard the next track ‘Mostly Numb’ – the word that sprung to mind was JUMPY!! It starts of pretty minimal but continues with a deep flow with the main rhythm taken over by the piano sound.

At last, we have ‘A Ship in the Sky’ – and I must say I am a big fan of the flow in this track – very well produced and will no doubt turn into a favorite of the Cadenza boys J

Putting the titles of the 3 tracks together can end up being the perfect answer to a very common question: “How is your day/night going?”

“Oh yeah, Chilling, Mostly numb, feeling just like a Ship in the Sky!”


Review by Michael Feghali

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