Top 10: Manta


01. Arttu- Transfiguration-[Philpot Records]-2011-11-18

02. Barker & Baumecker- Schlang Bang-[Ostgut Ton]-2012-09-10

03. Dusky- What I Do-[School Records]-2012-12-10

04. Locussolus- Berghain (Darkroom Mix)-[International Feel]-2012-07-09

05. Markus Nikolai- Kiss Your Mind

06. Alex Under- Blanco De Mente-[CMYK Music]-

07. Dense & Pika- Coil-[Hotflush Recordings]-2012-12-03

08. PBR Streetgang- At Dez-[2020Vision]-2012-05-13

09. Pattern Select- Tale Of The Tape-[Delusions of Grandeur]-2011-08-03

10. Four Tet- Pyramid-[Text Records]-2012-08-20

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