HDNSM # 35: Manta


Manta grew up with music, it was always there and remained the one true passion he still carries today. Growing up learning classical piano and later playing drums in funk and metal bands narrowed his passion for rhythm driven, raw music. At age seventeen he first experimented with drum machines and electronic music production, and from that very first session he knew this would be his musical future. Besides producing, Manta started to spin records at age eighteen at smaller venues, thinking one cannot only collect this music but must play it out loud. He found a deep passion for DJ’ing and recently acquired a new digital set up allowing him a wider space for experimenting.

After graduating high school he moved from his hometown Frankfurt, to Berlin, exploring the sound of his capital city, learning every day and improving his production and DJ’ing skills. Most recently Manta moved to London to base his studio in one of Europe’s most rapid growing techno cities, looking to play thumping DJ sets as well as a live set which is currently under construction. His style ranges from bass driven deep house to raw techno with hints of New York/Chicago old school tunes. Manta cares for one thing, to keep you moving.

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