Swan Lake by Vlad Caia on Pluie/Noir


Was it the  fact that Vlad Caia’s “Swan Lake” has been the very first sound

I ever heard in 2013

( getting up at 9 am after 6 am finale, following yet another resolution…)

or getting

nostalgic for my roots with “Swan Lake” …


way it was THE perfect soundtrack to our

morning and to the new beautiful year, … The track is sick, perfect, mix of deep and

tech, not being cliche, there is nothing cliche about this track. Unapologetically weird yet

meticulously refined, warm, out there, deep, minimal////How can music be so deep and fucking making me

cry yet driving me to the dance floor. I’m insane, but come on. I hope you can feel what I feel;)


B side is just

sooo fucking different to A side, why the hell not. Big techno, dark and edgy. White

swan and black swan? ;)  As you know, Eternal Sunshine can be dark as it is inside you;)



Pluie/Noir is one label I kept an eye on since the first release by Pedro [“Un Livret de Duminica”] and to be honest

I like 002 even more. Same goes for Vlad Caia – from All Inn’s Routed EP to

his releases as SIT with Cristi Cons , Naural party in London by Nightclubber…


Just get the limited edition option – I do not usually

splurge like this but felt like a perfect New Year present for myself ( another

Russian tradition)

I do not always feel Russian, having lived in the UK half my life and I was glad

that “Swan Lake” made me feel a bit nostalgic like this.


I m not even going to talk about the artwork, SEE for yourself but it seems like

for many of us vinyl-lovers it has become an integral part of the experience…the

audio-visual, kinetic, AURAL pleasure ( yes, we did not forget our original motto)

Anyway, my Swan Lake is on its way,


have been REALLY waiting for this one but thanks

to Bruno Santos and his long awaited email, and I can’t wait to chat to him more about

the awesome Portuguese label…Next week, will catch you here with some tunes. Music is

for sharing, I love you guys, HDNSM family, friends and our supporters, we are ever so

grateful for each one of you.

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