Red Pig Flower interviews Ricardo Garduno, Illegal Alien Records


Hello, Ricardo, nice to meet you again, could you introduce yourself to us

Hi Red, the  pleasure is mine! Well, I am Ricardo Garduno and I was born in Mexico, and I love to make music! I also own a label called Illegal Alien Records and it’s been around for over 5 years, getting continuous support which is great!

 What is the philosophy behind the label, in your opinion?

Illegal Alien is a bit of an open format. We like to release a wide range of techno. We are not interested in what’s cliquey or “what’s in.” If the music is right and the quality is there, the chances are good to join our label. We are simply not interested in commercialism.

In my recent review I wrote a lot about my fascination with the name of your label -how did you come up with such a cool name?

I lived in the United States for almost 12 years and I actually just moved back to Mexico. The reason why I named the label Illegal Alien is because I was one of them…Well that is how the system there is called, Illegal immigrants, so having that status in life,  it’s a bit harder in US. So then I  had the dream of creating my label, I wanted to show people that anything is possible, no matter what your status is.

I also found it very exciting that your label is based in Mexico and for us here in Europe, Mexican own scene still remains a bit of a mystery, could you share your personal insight into this scene?

The scene in Mexico it’s great, and it’s been like this for a long time.  We have got some really hot spots in Mexico, actually we just had  BPM festival in Playa del Carmen, its always a great event, plus Mexico city, Juarez, Tijuana and others, pretty much all the well known artists on the planet have come to do shows here.

Also I heard that Illegal Alien used to be based in the US before. What was the reason for the move to Mexico and which scene do you personally prefer, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yes it was but i had to do the move, first because as an artist, i was starting getting offers to play and my status in the US was not helping me at this point. US gave me a lot, I meet great people and everything started there but now I am at another stage of my career and I needed to move on, so… the label it’s coming with!

I found out that even some of my friends who are based in Europe have already had releases on your label so I understand that you work not only just with Mexican talent but also internationally. How do you approach selecting music for your label?

Cool! Yes, I have had a fortune of working with many great talents, and the pleasure to release their music on my label, people like Miro Pajic, Pig&Dan, Heron, Angel Costa, Xpansul… Well the list is super long but most of the artists who released on my label are from Europe and like I said before, if the music is right and the quality is there,  chances are high for joining our label, don’t care who’s from, anybody is welcome to Illegal Alien.

An obvious question spring to mind – have you ever been or performed in Europe before and if yes, what was your impression?

No, I haven’t yet but i’ll be in Europe for the first time in June for some gigs, and I am really, really excited, I can’t wait to go there.

On your label and productions, do you ever collaborate with other artists? If yes, is there anyone you could introduce to us?

Oh yes, I have recently had a collaboration with a friend and also a great artist, his name is Andre Ramos. Right now I have some EP’s coming soon where I have collaborated with a really good friend too and great producer his name is Orlando Solis but he is known in the scene as Submerge. I can’t wait for all this music to be released, we are doing some really good stuff.

It t seems that nowadays it is very important to work internationally, do you have a vision of how to expand your horizons?

Well, yes,  I mean, music knows no boundaries, I think it’s natural that any artist wants their work to be known everywhere and the key is just to  keep on making good music, that’s how we get recognized internationally.

Thanks a lot for this conversation! Lastly, if you have some plan for 2013, or have some comment to leave, feel free to talk to us!

Thanks to you! It’s been a total pleasure and I want to thank everybody who supports me, and I expect lot more music coming out soon from me  as Ricardo Garduno, Xordo and Pithverb.

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