Red Pig Flower reviews “Hysterical Naked EP” by Howl Ensemble, All Inn Records


This year, the winter is pretty hard.

Winter is a hard season for me, to get over the British winter, which is dark, cold and depressing, I’ve done almost everything which I could do, try to go out, try to smile, try to meet up people and drink, but in the end of the day I needed to accept the fact, I just hate winter, therefore let’s accept I am just super depressed, and enjoy depressing moments, simple, isn’t it? So these days I am locking the door, and staying in the home, indeed I’m on the hibernation, like a bear.

What a  bear can do during hibernation? Your body just doesn’t work, then the things you can do is to use your brain, your imagination, dreaming about spring, warm and nice weather, and butterflies start to fly, air is filled with sweet smells, people hold hands with each other. Oh…sweet.

Yesterday , I was in bed all day/night long, looked outside, grabbed  a cigarette, lit it, struggled with my headache, some people called me, I ignored, some people text me, I ignored, because I couldn’t be nice to anyone, I was kind of hating myself too much, felt like I became a teenager again, because of general winter depression!? At some point, I decided to check out  a few tracks, before I was about to commit a suicide;))). Even if I wanted to kill my self, I should have first  finished writing a  few reviews, shouldn’t I? I wanted to prove to myself that I was not that rubbish! I was kinda pushing myself to check out a few demos and here I found….

Yes, All Inn records again, Nilla!

After I wrote my previous review of All Inn (if you are wondering about that, then please check out the review links below),  the label owner and I had a short chat together, and we exchanged some emotions about old vinyl stores, about the nostalgia, memories…What do you think about the power of the music? Personally I think it is all about the emotions, and expressions. I was very glad to hear that the owner and I had  similar approach to the music in an emotional way.

So, when I turned on my speaker and listened to All Inn’s demo , new album “Howl ensemble”, first thing that caught my ears were the warm and kind piano melodies, coupled with split beats(yes they never make stupid boomboom beat). First track “Hysterical Naked” contains a very emotional piano melody with simple cord, I am not very sure if the piano melody comes out from real recording or sample, but the fact is anyway the piano sounds are very warm and nice.  Second track “Heavenly Connection” contain same samples as “Hysterical Naked” – I found these two tracks were rmx projects. For me those tracks affect my emotions more than my body. Last track “Starry Dynamo” has more beat than melody, with strong percussion sounds that will reach on the dance floor, yes you can not put just melodical track on your EP, perfect combination of melodic and dance floor groovy.

During the depression periods, this EP would be whispering to me, and trying  to comfort me, “darling, no worries, spring will come soon,  sooner or later, anyway it will come.” Finally I smiled, yes spring will come anyway, even if now I’m suffering from the  general depression and headache, and light cold…spring will come, butterfly will fill up the skies soon, and couples around London will start  annoying me again, isn’t it?

If you have a  similar winter depression like I do  and need to be comforted by warm and kind melody, this record could be one of the ways to cure yourself, indeed. Now I am in the cafe, aggressively writing the review, being caffeine high as usual, and feeling good.

Yes, spring will come.

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