Vast with London Friends at Bar A Bar

Date / Saturday, 19 January 2013
Time / 9pm till late
Venue / Bar A Bar/ 133-135 Stoke Newington Road; Stoke Newington; London N16 8BT; United Kingdom
Cost / 5GBP
Line-up /

Yeser & Gr1njo [Nooned]
Johnny Fiore [Flood]
Luca Ruf [Nice1]

Red pig flower
Ceri Stokes & Al James

Promoter /


Hello VAST family, we going to have our birthday party with our London friends, during 2 years Vast have made so many good friends in London, without our friends supports we couldn’t have so much fun in here, we are more than glad and amazed about all this beautiful memories and music. So first we would love to say thank you very much.

As someone already knows, Vast’s organizer Knock and Red pig flower both having a birthday in January, we want to share love with friends, and we want to feel being loved by our friends, we wish we can share drunks, music, dance, and smiles with all ur guys.

We are very proud to present our friend djs in London, as we believe they are not only very good djs but also very good person.

Therefore, we are ready to smile and welcome your guys to our party, to share love and music, and memories. As we believe, in the end of the day, the most important thing is human and friends, we will dance for love.

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