HDNSM # 29: Aleksandr


Capture the idea, transform it into sound and expand it to audience; this is the new ideal that Aleksandr want to represent. Escape from the clutches of conventional music is his only goal.

Dj/Performer, Producer & Audio Engineer, his music is supported by artists such as: MONOROOM, HERMANEZ, PACO OSUNA, NEKES, SOSSA, SASCH BBC, MATT TOLFREY, SASHA, BOOKA SHADE and many more. He shown his performance in some of the best clubs in Italy such as Tenax (Florence – Italy) and Frau Marleen (Tuscany – Italy), now based in London looks ahead to the next step. He released some tracks on Raw Trax, Milligrams Records, Icon Music and iPocket Records. Actually member of TheRealBirds, an international project where Aleksandr (UK) is involved with Onetram (FR) and Mennie (IT), wherewith he released on Sleazy Deep and on August 2012 on NOIR MUSIC.

His music is constantly evolving as its own performance always searching for something of new.

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