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As the debut release of All Inn sublabel – Nilla, Howl Ensemble trio brings us four beautiful monsters in the picture of “Alma Mater”.
Four tracks with full of magic and dynamism effected by the fusion of live instruments, easy rolling polyrhythms and tight drums. Must have beauty!

HDNSM chats to Giovanni Verrina, co-owner and artist of All Inn Records and the new sub label Nilla

How did you guys meet each other and started working together?

The label was quite new and I sent some unreleased stuff to listen to the founder, Polarize. This was the first contact.  We start to work on these tunes and with that materials we made two releases, one on All Inn Black and the other on All Inn, both as Sailor Mood. After this we start to share music day by day sharing opinion and trying to do both the best for the label. We are really committed to lead the label as good as we can. The business or the financial side was never the priority. After a short time it was obvious to both of us to start working together as partners.

What is the story of Nilla’s creation and who is behind the new sublabel?

We had a lot of amazing music, but it would not be so easy to represent all of these materials on the All Inn because of many reasons. We made Nilla as the second sublabel of All Inn, to share more and more great music of ours, and brand new materials other well-known and still unknown artists. U know, it’s so interesting when you do something good with totally unknown names. Our first release – Howl Ensemble – was sold out already on the day of the release. We are proud of we can say that. Its great to see that it’s not about fame of the label or fame of the artists, but it’s only about music. That should be always the first thing.

What is the difference between All Inn records main label, All Inn Black and Nilla, in terms of music policy and concept?

All Inn and its sublabels represent a special type of techno and house music. To solve the differences inside of this genre and to hold the right conception of these sub genres we are trying to collect the artists with the similar sound and publish their works under these labels.

Is the label vinyl only or would there be digital releases also? Would it be a limited release?

To express the mentality of underground music, and to keep the value of the sound we are pressing vinyls only. U know, music itself is really important to us, so we would like to publish and share these sounds with all of our respect and careful attention.

What is your personal take on the whole vinyl/digital debate?

As use we support vinyls only with All Inn. Regarding me; of course I’m also a big fan of vinyls and that will be always the priority, but beside of that sometimes its good to play and test our fresh, unreleased materials or demo tracks on the dancefloor.

Which artists should we expect on Nilla and how often will it release?

I wouldn’t like to share any informations about our forthcoming releases on Nilla yet. Just keep focus on us, guys. Great materials will come… ;)

Could you tell us more about Howl Ensemble and why did you pick them for this debut Nilla release?

The things came very easy. I like to make tracks under different projects. Giovanni Verrina, Sailor Mood and now Howl Ensemble.its really great to work as free as i can, and i really enjoy the collective work with others to merge our musical ideas. Me, Germano Ventura and Gabriele Carasco started to work on this amazing track “Moloch”. This session was something really new and special for both of us, and we knew that we should build a whole EP, so “Alma Mater” was born on this way.

From this debut EP, which is you favorite  track and why?

It’s impossible to choose which one is the best. It’s about music and taste. I can say “Alma Mater” a very complete EP, and i think all these tracks fit together perfectly. Its able to use them in a different kind of dj sets, from a warm up till the peak time. We are very proud of the whole EP.

The artwork on the label is quite minimalistic in style. Why did you chose to go down this route as opposed to more complex artwork?

As i mentioned, music is our main priority. To force the attention to the music it was obvious to work with minimalistic design, and to let the label more recognizable for our present and future customers. As you see, All Inn Black and Nilla come with exactly the same design without major difference. All Inn releases hold colors only, but to make the feeling more homely we used to let to our artists to choose the colors for their own releases.

Although being based in Romania/Hungary you roster hosts an array of international stars alongside Romanian/Hungarian artists – would Nilla and All Inn be expanding abroad in the future?

For us its important to find, explore and uncover more and more artists who have special talent and special sound. But its more important to keep the main line of the label’s genre and follow the right path. It doesnt really depends from the nationality, i guess.

What are the future plans for the label and your own artistic plans?

Its always a surprise. The main plan is just to keep going and raise the quality of the sound and publish more and more good music.

Thanks, Giovanni! Keep up the great work and we are looking forward to fresh Nila gems!

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