Red Pig Flower catches up with Timid Boy after Vast


Red Pig Flower catches up with Timid Boy after his guest appearance at Vast in London

Hi, nice to meet you again, Timid Boy, could you explain about your artist name? Where does it come from?

Well, I started miximg when I was teenager in the 90’s. I bought my first decks in 1994. I had different aliases but when I started playing at more “serious clubs”, in late 90’s I wanted to find a name. My real name is alright, Damien Almira, but I wanted to  have an alias. In between I was working as a music journalist for many  magazines,  including some of the  best French electronic music magazines and I wanted to  separate these two activities. An alias was the solution for that. Timid Boy -because I had a friend who at the time ran a label called “Timid Music” , I loved this name, it was cute, smart, in a way I could be timid too, sometimes. Also, he made me play for his label night, so I was the DJ of “Timid music” , so it was easy to find the name : I became Timid Boy. ;-)

You run your own label “Time has changed records”. Could you explain about the label as well?

“Time Has Changed” is a name of a famous track from Codec and Flexor. Also, at the end of 2000, when the label was created, times really changed in electronic music, digital became powerful, vinyl was in  a big crisis, minimal music seemed to be less popular, house arrived again, the electronic music finished its loop history: from early house in the 80’s to new house in late 2000…

Your artist name and label name are both really unusual, when you choose names or title for an album, are you concerned about the name a lot? To give it some character?

Hum, yes, sometimes I’d like to find a special title and I could spend some time on it. Especially when the tracks have special meanings, when I specially like them. It could be funny titles, or really personal ones. And yes I think a strong title is good. Well, that does not mean that  I look for a strong title on all of my tracks, but , sometimes, yes. I’d like also to give title to my remixes, as for exmple my new remix on Form music, H2 “This is for real ‘Timid Boy – Yes sir I can be rave – remix” . It’s quite a ravey remix, so I’d like to give it this title:  “Yes sir I can be rave”. Michael mayer made a remix in early 2000 called “Yes sir I can be hardcore” which was quite hardcore, and   loved this title , so it’s like a game and a dedication to call my remix “Yes sir I can be rave”.

Interesting idea! What is one of your favorite tracks amongst your label’s music? And why?

So difficult to just name some, sorry. I like most of them. I mean, I like most of the releases  that I sign, I have some favorite tracks on every release, but it’s impossible to tell you the favorites tracks of my label. I could just tell you that I’m really excited about our new release by Lee Webster with Jef K remix and  Bubba & T’Bone remix. And I am really excited about  new releases and remixes to come,  especially from Barem, Alexkid, Miguel Lobo, Danny Serrano, Jamie Funk, Marcman, Hollen… just to name a few of them ;-)

Your label presses vinyl and also makes digital. What do you think about these days’ vinyl scene? Do you think it will keep going?

Well, everybody has to play the way they prefer. Some will prefer vinyl, some cds and other digital. Some computer internal, some computer and decks… There are so many different ways today. And the way you play does not make the DJ good or bad. DJ did not come better with Traktor. But DJ are not better because they play vinyl. I know a lot of bad DJs on Traktor, but I also know a lot of bad DJs on vinyl ;-) Do I  think it is here to stay? I mean, yes… But it’s more economical question than anything else. Vinyl is expensive (and think about all countries in the world where there are no more vinyl shops), even if digital is less expensive a lot of people take the tracks from illegal sites. It’s like this, I mean, there’s no point to go back. That’s technology. We could not fight against that. And especially electronic music is a music attached to technology progress. Without technology, no electronic music… Technology killed the vinyl today, but technology created electronic music a long time ago and continues to keep it alive and exciting, we do not have to forget that…

So what do u think about these days’  digital only DJs?

I have no problems with that, as I said everybody should play  the way they prefer. Anyway most people play digital. I mean, when people play  CD it’s digital. A lot of people who play vinyl’s also play a lot of CDs, there are not a lot of DJs who do not play digital at all (which means vinyl only, and really only! )…

How was your last gig in London? And what is your impression of  London’s scene?

It was great to play there. I love to play in London because I feel really comfortable there. I like English musical culture, really open minded, crossover, with a lot of influences and with a great party culture, a real club culture! You could play everything there, from classic house to garage or some techy stuff, people are really open minded! Musically, it’s great, a lot of producers are great… but I have the feeling that London and England are always so good in electronic music, and in modern music in general…

 What is the best and the worst thing  about Paris scene?

Paris is really burning since a couple of years now thanks to new parties as Sunday, Concrete and Die Nacht, for example. A lot of parties are out of the clubs,  in warehouse or boats… It’s freaky and the lines up are so good. At the same time  traditional clubs are still great such as Rex, Showcase or Cirque Paradis. The new generation of clubbers is so good! 5 years ago, people around 18 to 21 years old used to listen rock or Ed Banger… Now they listen “our” music, and that gives a lot of positive energy to our music ! I’m so happy about that !

You just finished your Asian tour, and also you frequently tour around the world, what was the most memorable gig for you during 2012?

It is hard to tell. Last year I would answer Panorama Bar, it was a dream to play there during 4 hours… About this year, I would say : when I closed the festival Piknic Elcetronic in Barcelona , just after Masomenos and dOP, in front of 2000 people, in a beautiful place up in Barcelona, in Montjuic, with a beautiful weather, people were so excited, I was quiet nervous but I really really loved this party ! Japan and Seoul were also so nice gigs, and I really enjoy playing in NYC, I really like to play there, the underground scene is really great there !

 Do  you have wish for 2013? For you and your label?

Well, let’s see first where we are after December 21 ;-)

Ps: Thanks a lot Timid Boy, we love your sounds, and  for me especially I loved your  bright smile :) Kiss from red pig flower and HDNSM xoxoxoxoxo

Hey,  hey many thanks !!!! You’re nice !!!  I hope to come back play soon !!! ;-)

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