Red Pig Flower reviews Late Last Night Ep on Time Has Changed Records


Hi, here is Red Pig Flower again 
Here I am, to introduce an amazing release and label, “Late Last Nigh Ep” on  Time Has Changed Records.

If you remember last Vast event with Timid Boy, you probably remember those particularly deep and groovy sounds from his set…. We were more than glad and honored to introduce Timid Boy again in London town. If you are already his fan you probably know that he also runs a label, right? If you do not know about that no worries I’m here to introduce the label of Timid Boy.

If you remember my last review about Toi Toi night or Berlin’s club scene then you know that I could be very grumpy and obsessive about particular sounds. Please, consider that fact whilst reading this review!

Let’s talk about the name first. The label of Timid Boy is “Time has changed records”. As I believe, any form of art has to have its own theory and concept. Also, I believe that the name is the tool to present that theory. From the label name I could feel this unusual vibe and theme of the label owner. We are living in time, time can present so many things, season, history, clocks ,numbers, memories and life… As we walk with the winds in London’s streets and realize that  winter is already with us, we are walking through times withouth realizing that  time is changing always…Then all of a sudden you realize that people, culture, music, slang, fashion around you has changed…it is a sign of new generation…!!!  According to the name “Time Has Changed” we could read the owner’s philosophy of sound which is in searching for new generation. How beautiful is it?

Therefore, it is definitely worth checking out and expecting “something” from this label. Also I’m going to introduce my favorite track from one of the latest releases from Time has changed records. Last Night EP  by Lee Webster contains high quality deep house sounds, every track is characterized  not only by very groovy deep vocal, but also  distinct and unusual synth sounds. I generally love most of the tracks, however, I can not help to show my “special love” for the track “Sick of the same thing(Jef k-rmx). Simply speaking, this track is just amazing, you can already imagine from the track’s name  that the original producer wanted to make “something different” but Jef K made this track “even more different” from any other tracks. with the twisted deep vocal sounds from original track remixer using freaky beat play tricks. He also  added pretty creepy sound effects and trippy synth sounds. I could imagine myself playing this track, mumbling the vocal “Aren’t you sick of the same” 100 times. This track is definitely on the “must check out list”

I’m very proud and glad to introduce this amazing album to guys, and hope that this sound is  going to be spread enough to make everybody dance. You know if everybody starts  recognizing what is “different” and stop watching fucking TV, our world could be changed ;)

Late Last Night EP is available on Beatport

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