Interview with Rhytmatic Resident Archie Hamilton


Hi Archie! It is great to chat with you before Rhythmatic’s much aniticipated Get Perlonized event this Saturday! Now you are one of Rhytmatic’s four residents at the forefront of Rhythmatic ever developing sound!

How did you get involved with Rhythmatic and how long ago?

I was a regular at Rhythmatic before I got involved, just over a year ago. We had an after party at my flat at the time after the Moon Harbour birthday party. The promoters and residents came back – I was playing some music, we got talking and it went from there really.

What have been your most memorable shows and why?

Too many good times!! The All Inn records showcase has always stood out for me – Nastia was fantastic, and I was due to go on holiday straight from the party. It was still going strong at 9.30am and I didn’t want to leave; I was so late that they had to hold the plane for me.

How did you get into music and what inspired you most of all?

I was into house from a fairly young age; my mother was a raver in the early-mid 90’s, so I had a lot of her tapes from those days and it’s what I grew up listening to. Inspiration-wise, there have been lots of moments; London, Ibiza, Sunwaves…

Your music style is quite eclectic – how would you describe it to someone who never heard it before?

You’re right – I think certainly my remixes tend to be pretty eclectic, depending on the original track. My original and collaborative work I would like to describe as driving, hypnotic, groovy house music – some deep stuff, some more peak time sounding.

You also run your own label-Moscow Records. What does the name mean ( I am from Moscow and always wanted to ask!!!)?

It’s actually a dedication to my partner Alex’s Russian grandfather.

What criteria do you use to select music to be released on Moscow Records/what is the music policy? Is it vinyl only, digital, or both?

We like tracks that are ‘timeless’, and that won’t fade with age. Other than that, we’re pretty open! We started as both vinyl and digital, but we had a few distribution issues. Currently we are digital only, but will be moving back to wax in 2013.

Having worked in A&R, running your own label, producing and DJing what is your favourite part of the industry that you most enjoy and why?

I really enjoying finding new talented young artists, and building lasting relationships with them. I also enjoy meeting people for real after speaking for (sometimes) years by email or instant messenger!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry?

Be open-minded, work hard, be prepared to make sacrifices, be nice to everyone you meet, no matter who they are and learn how to balance confidence and modesty.

What are you future plans with regards to your label, Rhythmatic and your own artistic plans?

We are at the dawn of a very exciting time for Moscow. As I mentioned we are going back to wax, and I can’t say much other than we are working with lots of fantastic artists and have some amazing releases planned. With regards to Rhytmatic, we have a tour planned, so hopefully I will be getting some much needed vitamin D. Personally, I have tracks, remixes and EPs coming on labels like Karton, Genial, Baile and Earlydub amongst others.

What are you most looking forward to at Rhythmatic Gets Perlonized show this weekend?

Well it’s a birthday celebration for both myself and Wesley. Apart from having our amazing guests, the party is spread over 24 hours and 3 great venues – good music, bad behavior.

Thanks for this, Archie! We really can’t wait to get Perlonized ourselves this weekend so will catch you then and we wish you best of luck with all the exciting projects!

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