HDNSM # 22: Kozber


Krzysztof Kozber ,aka KOZBER, DJ and producer originates from Bydgoszcz (Poland), but is now living in London.
His love of music started at a young age when he studied the cello and piano. As Sirius got older , he felt in love with Electronic music and in 1997 he started his dj career. His first residency was at a club called Gong , a minimal techno night. Due to his studies Sirius had to move to Poznan ,where he started to play in various local clubs including Esculap (Tresor Polish Edition) and Zez club. When he finished his studies , Sirius moved to Krakow and started playing breakbeat as well as techno , in order to make himself a more rounded dj. He secured residencies in Roentgen and Ministerstwo and really started to build a reputation for himself , inviting other djs to his nights and securing other gigs all over Poland.
In 2006 he moved to London and started playing in Cafe 1001(Brick Lane). He joined up with other Minimal Techno dj’s Temba, a collective of djs.
Immediatly after that, in 2006, he joined Brickbeat.
They went to Snowbombing(Austria 2008) and played regular gigs around East London. Sirius also produces his own music ,taking inspiration from Minimal Tech, Hip Hop, BreakBeat and Jazz.
In the summer of 2009 , Sirius had his song Majeranek released on Archipel Records and is involved in the record label Release Sustain.His Ep “Mary Mary” is being released in Sep 2010 on Unomi Records.
Since June 2007 he’s doing his very own party, called “Siriusonic” in different venues, mostly warehouses around East London.
“Siruisonic” is also hosted at Cafè 1001, where Sirius is a resident since 2006.
He is now playing in parties all over east London and doing gigs in Poland.

Discography:archipel “mess age from the black forest EP” may 2009
release sustain “deepest london vol.1″ nov 2010
release sustain “terpel day EP” feb 2011
release sustain “deepest london vol.2″
release sustain “La Cocha” EP dec.2011
slant records ” predator frequencies EP ” rmx jan.2011Upcoming:stok5 march.2012
reaxion rmx project of ax musique
Soundbar records Ep autumn 2012
Release Sustain Ep late autumn 2012
Cartulis Records Ep winter 2012Discography:archipel “mess age from the black forest EP” may 2009

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