TOP 10: Aleksandr


01. The RealBirds – Peitch

02. Toby Dreher – Spurensuche -[Rotary Cocktail]-2012-07-02

03. Justin Berkovi – Oceans- [Trapez]-2012-09-24

04. Harry Axt – Drifting -[Arms & Legs]-2012-10-15

05. Clockwork, Tale of Us – Lost Keys-[Life and Death]

06. Recondite – Felicity-[Acid Test]-2102-05-12

07. Art Department, Blud & Shaun Reeves ft. Damian Lazarus -Robot Heart [No.19 Music]-2012-11-05

08. Brett Johnson ft. Elipsis – Move Power- [Visionquest]-2012-10-22

09.Frank Roger, Terence Terry – Hustling Peoples-[Real Tone Records]-2012-02-15

10. Guy Gerber ft. Jaw – Steady- [Supplement Facts]-2012-10-15

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