HDNSM #17: Greg Brockmann


Greg Brockmann’s involvement in sound began in 2005 in Marseille, South of France. An avid fan of all things house and techno since a young age and influenced by an upbringing full of music and its constant ability of expressionism, his passion transcended into a desire to be part of the dj world itself.
In 2007 he moved to London and it was here that things started to move forward for Greg as he met and began collaborating with other up and coming musicians in London’s electronic music scene. A couple of years after landing in London Greg found himself playing at TBar, Kubicle, Shoplifter and more, as well as various underground London movements. Late 2009 and Half Baked was born, now East London’s most desired Sunday party destination. Greg, alongside his fellow Half Baked residents Robin Ordell, Hamid, Seuil, Le Loup and Yakine bring their varied styles of deep sexy house, progressive techno and floor moving sets at every Half Baked, sharing the booth with some of the industry’s favoured names including Craig Richards, Jamie Jones, Mayaan Nidam, Jozif, Shonky, Shaun Reeves, Varoslav, Lee Curtiss, Guti, Dyed Soudorom, Julietta, Vera , amongst others. Greg also runs one of the city’s best mid-week floor shows, Scandal, playing host to local talent and headliners from London and Europe.

Greg Brockmann’s sets are a mixture of deep house with a strong techno feel. Heavy reverberating bass lines and strong Latin percussion weave their way in between sensual house inspired vocals and industrial samples add another platform to his sound. Pulling us inside a landscape of experimentation while focusing on the mindset behind his music and ideas, we see Greg take things to another level within the complexity of sound.

Catch Greg next at Synopsis Part 3 in Basing House next month.


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