Hoxton FM 1st Bday FREE Party (Day @ Cargo & Night @ Golden Bees)


Saturday at 12:00pm until Sunday at 3:00am

Hoxton, E2 London, United Kingdom

Can you believe Hoxton.FM is ONE YEAR OLD?

To celebrate Hoxton Forward Movement have taken over Cargo for a 8 hour broadcast to stream live shows from:

Dan Formless

Pablo Godofredo (State London)
Theo Nasa (Alien Sounds)
Jack Jones & Floss Islington (CASA)
The Sound Councilincluding a Special guest set from Toast residents
LEROY ROBERTS & STEVE KURZ on the State London Show


THEN ON TO GOLDEN BEES (above Horn on Old Street) where we will have an award ceremony for presenters around 8pm.

Music will be provided by Quintin Christian & Dan Formless who will entertain you with deep sounds until 3am!

Hoxton Forward Movement (FM) shares inspiration in music, art, fashion and culture via a 24/7 internet radio stream and video segments. Our aim is to push the boundaries of the creative industry with diverse, high quality content and innovative live venue broadcasts to mobile and online users

Join us today at www.hoxton.fm

Forward Movement

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