HDNSM #15: Montana Cruz


Making his first steps during his teenage years by being frontman and playing guitar in indie punk rock bands steps, Montana Cruz moved to London at the age of 19, a move that proved to be a catalyst for his musical influences since then. With Montana’s distinctive style, it’s no surprise to learn that his early influences come from a variety of genres such as rock, latin, reggae, hip-hop, world music and funk before his nightlife escapades truly awoke his strong interest in electronic music. Impressed by many different genres, his first attempt on the turntables was using ‘80s and House records. The passion was sparked and Montana began his own party in 2010, DEFINITION, which grew steadily popular and remains one of Europe’s most consistent and fun-filled parties.

Apart from making headlining appearances throughout the UK and a number of other European countries, he has also shared turntable duties with well-known names of the global underground electronic music scene such as: Tiefschwarz (Souvenir), Troy Pierce (M_nus), System of Survival (DC10), Tim Sheridan (WWI), Miss Jools (Mobile). Chris Woodward (Buzzin’ Fly), James Priestley (Secret Sundaze) to name but a few and has recently played for Unleash and OneMore, two of London’s most popular parties. Montana Cruz is currently the creative director and resident at DEFINITION, an underground extemporaneous party which has made waves on the London underground scene, as well as holding a residency at Electric Disco, London’s most popular Thursday night music party. Montana Cruz has his ears and finger firmly on the pulse by also being part of the dancing crowds and having recently made his first steps into production and releases to soon follow, Montana is one of London’s most devoted DJs to emerge in recent years with true potential and desire.


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