TOP 10: V!ktor


01. Sit-Ex-[Amphia]-2012-07-27

02. Melchior Producion LTD-Descendants (Sit Mix)-[Arpiar] -2012-08-01

03. Cristi Cons-Duette -[Makesense/MS0026]-2012-09-05

04. Getic Funk-Ma’the’matrix -[Channel Zoo Recordings 002 EP]-2012

05. Jay Bliss -Kookoo for Coco Puffs- Pandorum EP- [All Inn Black]-2012-07-26

06. Unkown Artist -Key All 004 Track 1- [Key All]-2012-06-08

07. Unknown Arist -Snapped- [Cabin Fever TRAX n 26]-2012-09-07

08. Ricardo Villalobos-Koito-[Perlon]-2012-09-05

09. Funk E -Carpe Diem -[Raum…Musik]-2012-03-28

10. Amir Alexander -Innovation-[Deep Vibes]-2102-07-16

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