Rhythmatic Proudly presents Premiesku ‘Indirect’ Album Launch Party at the Main Yard, Hackney Wick



Proudly PresentsPremiesku “Indirect” Album Launch Party22 Sept 2012 // 10PM – 6AM

**************Main Yard, off Hackney Wick, E9 5LN***************

Premiesku (Live Analogue / Desolat / RO) – UK Debut
Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso)
Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)
Roberto Amo (Above Zero, O!My God Rec)

After a short summer break, Rhythmatic makes a refreshing return with a UK debut from Premiesku, the mutual project between Romanian duo Livio & Roby and George G. September 22nd sees Rhythmatic present the Premiesku ‘Indirect’ album launch party.

The name, which suggests ‘premiere’ in their home country of Romania, represents everything the collaboration is about, a unique experience and a new concept that has swiftly gained recognition on the music scene, from well-known and respected industry professionals to educated party revelers. The digital environment is not enough to express what these three want tell, with their diverse mix of inspirations, ideas and moods, Premiesku have pushed aside the virtual world and done something very rare. Designing three special analog consoles, this innovative setup has launched them into an era of analog sound.

Witness first hand Livio, Roby and George play entire sets, without computers and using tailor made hardware racks, an unmissable experience. Their live sets have excited crowds from festivals to Ibiza, with successful appearances at the likes of ENTER, Cocoon, Music On and Space. Expect to hear a sophisticated blend of classic deep house, Detroit techno and tech house, as they showcase the upcoming debut album, ‘Indirect’ due for release on Desolat in September. The trio’s dynamic compositions have already been picked up by influential labels such as, Cecile, All Inn and Desolat.

The September event also welcomes back two truly missed residents, Stathis Lazarides and Wesley Razzy. Stathis, having spent the summer playing next to huge names such as, Ricardo Villalobos, returns to his London home at Rhythmatic. After spending the last few months on the White Isle, Wesley brings his new wealth of experience, inspiration and soul from the techno and house music mecca, back to one of the original boundary pushing parties to resonate from the capital.

Rhythmatic are very excited to celebrate adding yet another forward thinking act to their roster and look forward to seeing all the new and regular faces, as we finally draw closer to the next installment of Rhythmatic parties.


Romanian duo Livio & Roby, together with their pal George G, sometimes like to play with words, make anagrams or combine formulas. As a result of this game, they derived a name “Premiesku” for their mutual project, suggesting “premiere” which resonates as a Romanian name. That is what their collaboration is about – a unique new experience, which is already gaining accolades from many party heads, acclaimed music professionals and opinion leaders.

The name reflects the music: crossing of their diverse vibrant inspirations and moods breeds a new concept of genuine, recognizable sound. As a virtuoso audio engineers, they intelligently structure their (sometimes) heterogeneous ideas into powerful and dynamic compositions that catches the heart, the body and the mind of a listener. Compact “four to the floor” patterns, inspired with classic deep house, Detroit techno and tech house are switched up and deconstructed, resulting in a hypnotic brew. Driving and energetic solid grooves are fused with a plethora of colors and sonic twists, ranging from Balkan cultural heritage to surreal theatre. Their outstanding production has been released on influential labels such as Cecille, All In, Desolat.

During everyday studio sessions of experimenting and fitting the pieces of their imaginary worlds together, computers with straightforward and intuitive softwares are a necessary tool. But digital environment is not enough for expressing all those subtle feelings and stories they want to tell. Essential tools for this transmission are music instruments; they are vital for articulation of emotions, and sharing it with the audience. That is why Livio, Roby and George decided to leave the virtual world aside and create a real, analog environment for their live performances.

They did what no one did before – designed three special analog consoles consisted of parts of various machines. These hardware racks are tailor-made based on their draft, put together by an old fellow in a workshop in the heart of Romania. A inimitable gadget for each one of them is their vision of playing electronic music without computer. With this innovative setup, they have entered the era of their analog sound!

The concept is launched at Time Warp Lab in Mannheim on March 31 2012. Guys presented their machines at the workshop “Premiesku analog sound” organized by Desolat, explaining the new way of playing using the examples from their debut album “indirect” which will be released on Desolat in September.

Also, their fresh ideas are presented through their latest release – “Constant” EP released on Desolat in May.

for more details and venue info email us info@rhythmatic.co.uk

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