Toi.Toi.Musik presents Mr. G, D’julz and Voigtmann at TBA – East London

Date / Friday, 5 October 2012
Time / 11:00pm – 06:00am
Venue / TBA – East London  / East London
Cost / £10 early bird / £12 adv. / £15otd
Line-up /
Mr. G (live)
Promoter /

Toi Toi

Please note: this is one of our open parties, you do NOT need to send names. Location will be disclosed on the week of the event.***********************************************************************************************************************
It is with great pleasure we can announce HE IS BACK!!!! Mr G comes back to Toi Toi after the release of his new album on Rekids. (album info below)

His first time at Toi Toi was love at first sight for him, us and our crowd.

“….because his live set-up is the same as his studio set-up, it’s clear that McBean has a pretty firm grip on the aural picture he wants to create. Indeed, his one-off live sets are legendary, not only for the way they push the bass to its extreme depths, but also for McBean’s stage presence—unlike many DJs who simply stand behind a board, Mr. G is “doing robotics, jumps and leaps, punching the MPC,” and acting like a true entertainer.

“Performing live, as I get more into it, people go crazy. It’s about interacting with the crowd, creating a fantastic total atmosphere for the people on the floor,” enthuses McBean. “Taking performative risks like that, it can take time to get recognized for your achievements. But right now, my sound is really ripe.”


Latest interview by Cecilia Bojerson including preview of album ‘State of Flux’ which is now out and it is pure eargasm!

Mr G’s live performance at Toi Toi is to this day the best we have had so far, we felt an amazing connection with him, this is the type of guy that keeps it real, has the heart into what he does which is exactly our ethos. Right after the event he sent us a new track he made called Toi Toi which was signed by French extraordinaire D’Julz for Bassculture.

D’Julz was one that had been on our list for ages to come and play, an artist we have huge respect for, all the work, all the dedication and all the love after so many years. Due to these various aspects we thought there could not be better opportunity than this one to connect all these points and putting these artists under the same bill!

Mr G




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