HDNSM #11: Elek-Fun


Elek-Fun (Ignasi Romero) has focused on electronic since 1996. After leaving behind styles such as dance, he decided to experiment with more complex rhythms, innovations within the techno and minimal genre. After having studied the specialisation of advanced music production, he acquired equipment to make his first productions.

From playing in clubs his profession was born. He decided that his job should consist of devoting his passion to electronic music as a DJ, producer and remixer. He has played in the best catalan clubs (Zoreks Club, Liquid Sky, La cova, Voltech, Eix Club, La Sala del Cel, Moog).

After his tour around Colombia during 2003, Mad House Projects Agency, (Bogotás par excellence DJs agency) booked him exclusively for South America. During 2004 he toured Paris, playing in Le Troisieme Lieu (Wanted parties) and Le Soleil de la Butte (Dinamix parties), organized by Sabotage Crew Agency. He also collaborated with Parisian radio programs, showing his freestyle side. He has staged several live sets in clubs as Liquid Sky, Motor Rock Café, MDQ or Chango.

He began working as a producer on a promotional demo ‘Wait Me’, released in Future Music Magazine (nº 74) – It had very good reviews. Elek-fun has released music for as Sol Records, Ignored Records (Net label), SC-Rec (Net Label), Subversive Media (Net Label), Hits Box (Net label), Tu Remix (Méjico) , JP Releases, Prisma Records and EF Rec (his own sub-Label).

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