ELM 1st Birthday/ Interview with Andrea Giudice


This coming Saturday East London Movement celebrates its first Birthday- and what a year it has been! With artists such as Lee Van Dowski, Michel Cleis and Robert Dietz of Cadenza and Moon Harbour’s Matthias Tanzmann and Vera, to name a few,   headlining past year’s events,  it is not surprising that for its first Birthday celebration at Crucifix Lane Warehouse ELM’s residents will be joined by a great artist and  Circo Loco’s  resident  Davide Squillace himself!

Today we have Andrea Giudice, ELM’s resident and artistic director, sharing past and  future plans of East London Movement.

Hi Andrea! How are you? So it has been a year since East London Movement’s first event! What have been the highlights of the past year so far?

Hi! I am doing great ,thank you, concentrating a lot on the next event! We have grown up a lot this year, getting a great big crowd and following , bringing the best concepts of deep and tech house to London.

ELM is a very unique event – what is the main idea of it  and who are the people behind it?

E.LM’s concept is to involve our guests , who have become one big family,make  then feel comfortable, all in our chosen locations, surrounded by our specific music, decorations or graffiti art created by our artistic partners.
E.L.M is a movement that is dedicated to creating a pleasurable atmosphere of rhythm and fun brought to you by  East London’s most exciting artists alongside some of the worlds biggest DJs.
The people behind… it is a team made of twelve people, from the graphic designer , to the main promoters, the driver etc..

How do you feel ELM stands out from other nights East London has to offer?

With respect to a normal club or event in East London, we mainly select our crowd by making private invitations, and we don’t put many tickets online , then we can keep it exclusive.

What is the music and venue policy for the event?

Every event has a big headliner whilst keeping the same  music style with which ELM was born. For example,  we had Matthias Tanzmann and now Davide Squillace who are both real icons of Circoloco, and also we have our  residents who keep things going!

Talking about East London scene in general, what are the specifics,  compared to electronic music scene in your native Italy, for example?

Honestly,  I never thought of making an event in Italy, but from what I have  heard, only a few, who have a relevant politic connection can make it. In Italy, when you make a night with a good headliner, all the fans will go and it is always a success!

In terms of running an event in East London, what are the highlights and difficulties and what would you advice to someone starting their own night?

On running an event in East London, it  is really important to find the right venue, especially at the beginning of your career. It should be not far from the heart of East London and you must make sure that  you have a good number of promoters involved  who would invite sufficient numbers of people, as the hire fee of most venues is really expensive!

This is a great advice, thank you! You also run special free afternoon events- what are those and how can we get in?;)

Our afternoon events have began last year when  we had afternoon meetings, in our artists’s art gallery , with music , drinks and appetisers!  It was so entertaining and from that the ELM family has grown a lot! We normally invite with private messages.. New plans of afternoon event will come back soon and we will keep you updated!

What are you plans for the future of ELM, are you contemplating taking it past the borders of East London?;)

At the moment we are concentrating a lot on our next event this Saturday which will be ELM’s first birthday.
The plan of ELM for the future is to decide on  the dates for the whole of 2013 calendar first and then hold meetings with our entire team, putting ideas on the table and discussing them before applying them.

In terms of your own musical career, what are you current and future projects?

I am concentrating a lot on productional the moment with tracks being released on an important label in the very near future!

We will sure keep an eye on it! And finally, what should we  expect from the upcoming 1st Birthday Event?

What to expect from the upcoming 1st Birthday Event..? Loads of surprises !!!

It was great chatting to you Andrea, we will be sure to catch you this Saturday!








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