Toi Toi 17/08/2012 Review by Red Pig Flower


Oki, before I start the review, I’m going to introduce myself , I’m Red Pig Flower, London and Berlin-based DJ and producer, yet  I define myself as a proper underground music lover, a party freak!  I party for my own pleasure, to discover proper music and proper freaks, and enjoy being a party freak myself as well, (so if you see me in the London or Berlin  party scene, don’t hesitate to party with me and dance with me )))

I was in Ibiza until 16th of August, staying there for about a week to play at a small party and discover Ibiza scene…result? Sorry but  I was just super bored with Ibiza music and scene over there….sorry to all Ibiza fans, don’t take it personally! I found Ibiza is just…not my piece of cake, yet the party that I  played at …was cool and I met lods of cool people as well, but the general atmosphere of Ibiza was too commercial for me, everybody was trying to sell those super expensive tickets,  everything was too expensive, and everybody was crazy about beach and body (except for me) and the sun was too bright……In Ibiza, I was dying for  something darker, something more underground and cool.

So, you can imagine that on the  17th, when I arrived in London, and felt the cold air of London, how happy I was  (yes too nice weather is not for me). That night I went straight  to Toi Toi. I don’t want to point particular DJs who played on the night, or don’t want to describe about sets from DJs…as I’m a DJ  as well I don’t think writing down sets about other DJs is cool.However, even apart from DJ sets, I have lods of things to say which made me happy:  it is all about moods and crowds! From my point of view Toi Toi music is not for everyone, if you need an easy 4/4 beat techhouse, or vocal shit, you better go to another party, there is a a lot in London. Well I don’t say Toi Toi doesn’t play techhouse, but there is always a bit more of experimental element inside know it is the small things makes something really different.

Crowds in Toi Toi are educated, they are darker and intelligent, they know how one can enjoy the beat and experimental sound, they are not searching for an easy melody or “boom boom” bass line, they know how they can stand until “real joy” comes. Once  this kind of people fill the  club the whole atmosphere  gets amazing. If i should say one thing: “ It is kind of like Berlin but a bit more Londonized….” lol

Well…so it was a perfect party for me to forget “too happy” atmosphere in Ibiza, from the city of sun to the city of rain, dark makes me happy , and I was happy to meet other people who felt the same way!

Next toi toi is on  the 7th of September , it is the date when I come back from Berlin and I’m kinda ready to go to Toi Toi straight from the airport (again!!!) Dark makes us happy.

Red Pig Flower

Toi.Toi.Musik September Edition!!!
7th of September 2012


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