HDNSM #8: Andrea Giudice


Andrea Giudice was born in Italy 1986. His passion for music began at the age of 13 where he started to play the jazz piano. Andrea moved on to the acoustic guitar and the harmonica, being strongly influenced and inspired by the ’90s. While wanting to continue in his experimentation of musical sound, he changed direction to experimental rhythm which has remained a prominent sound within his music since. Incorporating his earlier training, Andrea combines his House & Tech with a melodic old school twist. Andrea moved to London at the age of 19 with the wish to improve his knowledge and skills where he continues to create music.

Currently Andrea is the artistic director and resident DJ of ELM, an East London Movement dedicated to bringing a new dimension to the underground music scene.

Upcoming Event:

Catch Andrea next at ELM 1st Birthday at Crucifix Lane Warehouse alongside Davide Squillace.

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