Red Pig Flower Interview


Hi Red! We are so pleased to talk  to you today, as you are about to leave for a yet another tour of Europe! We hope this chat will reveal some new secrets from the world of Red Pig Flower…

Red Pig Flower is a very unusual name – what is the story behind it?

Hello, my name is Red Pig Flower, Red means reality, Pig means desire, and Flower means dream, which leads to…reality makes your desire, desire creates your dream, and your dream is going to be your reality, so in the end of the world your reality and dream are the same.  I’m working on the notion of Wonderland and illusion and it gave this name to me.

How did you start your artistic journey and involvement within the industry and what inspired your move to Europe from your native Japan?

My journey as an artist began from a young age when I first grabbed a pencil and started making a mess on paper  like everyone, the only difference between me and the others was that I  kept  making something ever since! . I  just kept going from amateur to pro and getting more serious about it…and wanted to see more, and experience more, so I moved to different part of the world…and I  will keep going until I see every part of the world and universe or whatever. As I’m a pig as well, I’m very greedy!

Now you divide your time between London and Berlin, these two very exciting cities for underground music?  You also perform   all over Europe- how does the scene differ from one place to the other?

Hehe…about that shuttle back and forth between Berlin and London, I would say I was just brave enough to experience things(and now days’ tickets are really cheap)! I learnt a lot from Berlin and I’m still learning a lot from Berlin, not just about music, about people’s behavior, lifestyle, appreciations etc…London’s music is awesome, but it is  easy to forget how can you respect people, and how music itself is more  important than money etc….but when I play or even just walk around Berlin I feel like getting  the feeling back, this is very important to  me to  exist as a human being. Finally,  if i’m not busy enough  I get nervous, then the travel  is what keeps me awake!

Your style is very eclectic – do you feel inclined towards and particular genre and in general do you feel that this genre separation still exists?
To be honest I don’t think we need to divide genre anymore,  I believe that  the most important thing  for  a track is a concept and you can use any kind of material to express that concept. I mean, yes,  different genres do exist but if you stay in a box  that way  you will never grow up more than box.

You are a producer as well as a DJ, and your productions are full of some really experimental sounds- where do you get your inspiration from and what types of sound do you use?

I’m happy to hear you say that  my tracks contain “experimental sound” because I love experimental, as I’m not only a DJ and a producer  but also a promoter, and  when you go clubbing  4  to 5 nights  a week, you start to realise how most people just follow the fashion in their DJing and production. I have really gotten fed up with it , what is the point? Copy and paste? I know I AM still RUBBISH [ oh so modest as always Red]  for sure, and I need to grow up a lot, but at least I didn’t want to be just like  everyone. This is why  I  started recording my own sound from my voice, my whistle, from bus, from radio, from tube, and twist it with different effects, cut it, chop it, delay it, record it again, and chop it again etc, and see and enjoy how does the sound change.

Red you are VERY humble and we would like to disagree;) We love your latest release  -The Little Things EP by Mind Ability Records. Could you please tell us a little  more about your inspirations and ideas for that one?

Sure! 1st track “earworm”(Beatport name is “earwarm” though cause of typo lol) is about illusion of a sound in your ears. One day I woke up from a short nap and had an earworm for few hours and had a really strange feeling from it  , so i just opened Ableton Live and started making  this track until that feeling went away!
2nd track “wooden cat” –  one day my friend just tossed one recorded guitar sound, and I wanted to twist that sound as much as possible, and after a  few effects the sound  became like a cat’s rawering sound and I found it funny, so I made 2nd track with that sound.
so (ear)worm, and (wooden)cat both kinda little things that doesn’t exist in a real world, but actually all sounds come from real recordings, I found that it really suited my  notion of art work “wonder land”. they could be little creatures who live in my little land.

This amazing descritpion makes me wonder if this is the influence of you also being a visual artist as well as  a musician. Do you ever combine the two and if so in which ways?

For me everything is in one cycle, music,sound, art, performance art, paintings are connected to each other with the same concept of Wonderland which I’m searching for, even if sometimes I should accept some of my art work isn’t complete. However, as I believe without storytelling any kind of art doesn’t make sense and  I try to connect the stories between sounds and visuals.

Who are your biggest artistic or other influences and why?

It is hard to say who, because all the time I meet so many amazing artists (as much as rubbish artists) but for me big influences are experience itself, whether I meet great ones, or rubbish ones, whether I cry because I am happy, or if  I was standing on the edge about to kill myself, all of that experiences between places and people makes me think and create.

How would you describe your sound to someone who never heard you before?

It is always hard to describe..but if i would say, I aim for experimental and atmospheric electronica music sound. (with quite  a few percussion sounds to spice things up)!

For your productions and performance, what software/hardware do you currently use and why?

I  stick to Ableton Live and use it for my all performance/liveset/producing etc for everything, cause I believet that  I really know and understand this software properly and it  is much better than touching many different typese of software roughly.  I also appreciate the functions of ableton live which makes me “able” to do everything;)

Finally,  what are your plans for the rest of the summer and beyond?

I’m in Malta for gig, then Ibiza, London, and will go to Berlin till mid September.  Yes, I’m doing my best to avoid London’s summer and seems to work out (you know London’s summer  being so  horrible lol).  After the  summer will see how it goes with my bookings! I hope to  have some  new experiences in new countries…And most importantly I need to release a few more tracks, and work on my  short film and prepare exhibitions and stuff…So will just do my best!!

It was amazing chatting to you Red,  good luck with your great projects, we will miss you here in London and hopefully will catch up in Ibiza for your gig next week!  

Red Pig Flower latest EP is now out on Beatport


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