HDNSM #7: Red Pig Flower


Red Pig Flower is a Berlin and London based DJ, live act, producer and  visual artist.

Half Korean and half Japanese, she started her musical journey back in Asia at the tender age of 17, first as a member of a live band but soon moving to electronic music in search of her true ethos and personal sound.

Red started her career as a professional DJ at club Rooty (Tokyo) and Air (Seoul) having graced venues all over Japan such as Ageha, Solfa, Fai and many others. 2010 saw her move to London where she played everywhere from Egg, Basing House, East Village, Café 1001, Cargo, Cable and Crucifix Lane plus countless warehouses and intimate gatherings…Whilst living London, Red spends at least half her time at Berlin which holds a special place in her heart  and where she really feels at home, living and breathing music and art scene whilst making numerous appearances at Tresor, Brunne 70, Ava, Golden Gate, Arena, Milkz with many more to come…Apart from London and Berlin, last couple of years saw Red expand her horizons further to places like Paris, Naples, Ibiza, Malta, Istanbul  where she performed alongside artists such as Monika Kruse, Okain, Wbeeza, Dana Ruh, Kotelett&Zadak, Agent, Towa, Tei, Timid boy, Theo Komp, Knock, Bee Lincoln to name a few.

DJing and producing goes hand in hand for Red Pig Flower, who uses Live for her performances, characterised by deep tribal groove and experimental sound. Highly creative and deeply personal, Red’s music is full of intricate analogue sounds. She has released on labels such as Minimal Force, Mind Ability, Define Records, Kalo Berlin, Batti Batti, Plus Records, Bieak record, Vol0101 with more original productions and remixes in the pipeline

Aside from her strong affiliation with music Red Pig Flower is also a dedicated visual artist and painter, working with themes such as life and death, eternality, dream, desire and reality. This is where her new project “Weird and Beautiful”comes into place-a mixture of dream, desire and reality which represents her own life and sound philosophy.

At the moment Red is busy with new productions whilst performing all across Europe, Asia and beyond. Apart from being one of HDNSM artists she is also a weekly contributor- check out her new releases page and interviews with artists and just amazing people she meets on her many adventures.

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