HDNSM #5: Johnny Fiore


Johnny Fiore, born in Avellino, Italy in ’84, started playing bass at the age of 13 in local metal bands. His passion for music took him to Turin, North Italy, at the age of 18, known as the cultural centre for the arts; ‘the Italian Detroit’.

Turin is where his mind was opened to all different genres and where his DJ career began playing Nu Jazz and Broken Beats, which lead to a love of techno as a clubber and the birth of DJ JP Della Camera.

2010 saw the need for change and London became the place to be. London inspired JP Della Camera to evolve his sound (and name) and so was born house music DJ, Johnny Fiore.

Johnny’s sound draws inspiration from his many musical interests including soul, funky, electro beats, which shows in his set, full of new, deep and old school house and techno.

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