Synopsis Part 2 with Dan Ghenacia (Apollonia) & Rainer (Vinyl Club) at Basing House


Date: 1 September 2012

Time : 10pm-6am

Venue: Basing House,  25 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, UK

Cost: £8/£10/£12/315

Line-up /

– Dan Ghenacia (Apollonia / DC 10 Circoloco)
– Rainer (Vinyl Club / Desolat)
– Greg Brockmann (Half Baked / Synopsis)
– Sami Daik (Synopsis)

Promoter /

Greg Brockmann & Sami Daik

Based on the idea of conveying a story through music during a short period of time, Synopsis is the realisation of Half Baked profile Greg Brockmann and Sami Daik and is the product of many years of partying and playing alongside each other.Taking place every two months in the intimate settings of East London’s Basing House, widely renowned for its soundsystem and dimly lit roof garden, Synopsis aim to showcase well-established international artists as well as close friends, who are all versed in the art of presenting a narrative through music.
-DAN GHENACIA (Apollonia / DC10 Circoloco)

RAINER (Vinyl Club / Desolat)

-GREG BROCKMANN (Half Baked / Synopsis)

-SAMI DAIK (Synopsis)

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